Vont LED Camping Lantern

The Vont LED Camping Lantern is a low-cost but high value multi-use lantern. The 30 LEDs generate a total of 140 lumens. Casting the light evenly in all directions. Powered by 3 AA batteries, the lantern is guaranteed to burn for 12 hours.

12 hours sounds like a long time, and so we put it to the test. After 12 hours on the supplied batteries we were still getting a usable amount of light, although understandably dimmer than with new batteries. Just for the heck of it, we left it running for another 12 hours, and while it wouldn’t illuminate a large tent, it was still on and casting some light.

Without batteries the lantern weighs 8.5 oz (240 g), with the batteries bringing it up to 10.5 oz (297 g). It has a circumference of 3.5″ (88 mm) and is 5″ (125 mm) tall when compressed, extending to 7.5″ (187 mm). The arms add an extra 3.25″ (80 mm) onto it.

The lantern has a very simple design. Batteries go in the bottom and help keep it stable, while the on/off switch is built into the base, activated by extending or retracting the lantern. The light turns on fairly soon, meaning you can have a dimmer light by not extending it its full length. While we might prefer a button to select dimmer settings and save some battery, the design is simple and effective, and we’ve already determined battery life is not a major concern. Additionally the switch mechanism pretty much ensures that it’s not going to get turned on during transport.

Overall the product feels suitably well made. When collapsed, it is neat and small; easy to pack away. When extended, the base gives it a bit of height, perfect for use on a table. And collapsible arms mean it can be hung with an appropriate hook, carabiner or piece of wire.

Vont advertise the lantern as being made from military/aircraft grade materials. While it’s hard to know what this means, the product is sturdy and is advertised as being able to survive a 10 foot drop. So we tried:

The video makes it look worse than it actually is. Firstly we did this with the batteries in, which effectively doubles the weight of the lantern. You see some plastic bouncing off, but this is just the lid on top, which serves no real function, and screwed straight back on. The lantern didn’t turn on immediately, but this was just due to a battery coming dislodged.

Putting the battery back in immediately turned the lantern back on. For most day to day falls and knocks, especially while camping, you’re unlikely to experience any permanent damage to the lamp.

Even pouring water over the lantern didn’t impede its performance. While what we did is certainly not recommended, it shows just how far you’ll have to go to cause any kind of water damage.

When reviewing a product at this cost point it’s hard to validate any complaint. Sure, there’s some extra functionality that could be included. Sure they could give it a higher IP rating. But honestly, this lantern does everything you need. And for what it costs, you can be guaranteed satisfaction.

If 2 lanterns aren’t enough for you, you can pick up a 4 pack at an even lower per lantern price! It still includes batteries for each lantern and still has all the great traits listed above. You’ll never be short of a reason to use these lanterns, and with a couple extra ones, you might as well leave one in your car.


There is very little reason not to get yourself a set of these Vont LED camping lanterns. Perhaps if you want to light up a very large area; although then you might as well just buy more of these, because at the price they’re sold for, they’re a bargain!

Disclaimer: Vont supplied lanterns for this review

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